So you’ve been running around World of Warcraft and questing your way through the levels. You are still a beginner though and the longer you play the more you realize you have not really begun to learn the game yet. In the World of Warcraft chat window you often see other players complaining about mods that are no longer working because of a recent patch. By now, as a beginner, you are wondering if perhaps you are missing something important to make World of Warcraft easier and more pleasant.
First of all, a beginner needs to know what mods are. “Mod” is a shortened word for “modification”. In World of Warcraft, there are literally thousands of player-made mods that will assist players for every aspect of the game. At (just click here) a beginner can download most of the useful mods that any player could desire for World of Warcraft, and a beginner could easily become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available.

Here is a very short list of basic and popular mods that a beginner might want to try out in World of Warcraft. These mods can be easily searched for at

Bartender 4 is nice for extra item and spell slots and they can be resized and moved around on the screen. A beginner would not really need this mod in World of Warcraft until later at higher levels when the default slots are all filled up. But it is a safe and easy mod for beginners to check out to see if they really want to use World of Warcraft mods at all.

Another useful and easy-to-use mod for beginners in World of Warcraft is the Omen threat meter. In World of Warcraft, monsters and bosses generally attack the character with the highest threat. Knowing where you stand in line of threat can be very helpful and will allow a beginner to begin learning a new level of tactics while grouping in World of Warcraft.

A third mod that is safe for the beginner in World of Warcraft is Atlas Loot. Atlas Loot is a library of items that drop from bosses, or rewards from arenas and battlegrounds, and other World of Warcraft loot. A beginner can spend hours gazing at the armor and weapons and even see how it looks on a character.

It is important to note to a beginner that mods are not required to play. Some mods can make the game easier a beginner, while other mods can change the user interface completely. Some players have never used a mod and never will, while others live and die by them. A beginner should not be afraid to try out the mods because the worst that can happen is that they simply won’t work.