Also known as Growing Pains, is a quest that involves you investigating the troubles that the farmers of Old School RuneScape are facing with their patches. The quest revolves around the Fairy Queen’s encounter with the dreadful and dangerous Tanglefoot, as well as her replacement, the Fairy Godfather.

Quest Requirements

To begin, you will first need to have completed the quests; Lost City, Nature Spirit, The Restless Ghost, and Priest in Peril. Along with this, you will require the ability to defeat a level 111 creature called Tanglefoot. The items that you will require during the quest are; Secateurs, Spade, Ghost Speak Amulet, Dramen Staff. Other than that, there are some recommended items for a smoother journey, such as Teleportation means to Varrock, Falador, and Lumbridge, Amulet of Glory, Ring of Duelling, and Skills Necklace, Druid Pouches to protect your food from Ghasts, Mort’ton Teleport or other means to reach the Nature Spirit, Chronicle, and House Teleport (if it’s in Rimmington).

Starting the quest

Head to the Draynor Village and speak to Martin the Master Gardener to start this quest. You can find him near the pigpen, located northwest of the village. He will inform you that there is something wrong with the roses that he is growing, and he’ll ask you to speak to the other members of the Advanced Gardeners Group, also known as G.A.G.

The gardeners

Start osrs fairytale part 1 by locating any gardener near the farming patches and speak to him or her. Ask if they were a member of the G.A.G, and similarly, you will have to speak to five of them in various locations nearby. Vasquen and Fayeth can be found near the Lumbridge Castle, Heskel and Frizzy can be found near the Falador cabbage and tree patches, respectively. The last one named Dreven can be found nearby the Champions’ Guild, at the bush patches.

Speaking to them will give you the impression that this is the work of the fairies. So, head back to Martin in Draynor and let him know what you’ve learned. Next, grab your Dramen Staff and head south-east to Zanaris. You can get there by heading to the house at the centre of the Lumbridge Swamp with your staff equipped.


Once you’ve reached Zanaris for osrs fairytale part 1, go to the Fairy Queen’s throne room, where you will not find her, but the Fairy Godfather in her place. You will be informed that the queen has fallen ill and is being taken care of by the Fairy named Nuff. Now, go west from where you stand and head to the room north of the bank to locate Nuff. Speak to her and get the details about what made the queen ill, and she’ll give you a list that needs to be handed over to Zandar Horfyre.
Since it’s obvious what our next stop is in fairy tale 1 osrs, head to the Dark Wizards’ Tower located west of Falador to speak to the wizard named Zandar Horfyre. After taking the list from you, he will suggest that you should speak to Malignius Mortifier, who can be found just east of the Crafting Guild. Speak to him and he’ll want something from you in return for information, and that item will be a Draynor Skull that can only be found near the Draynor Manor. Make your way there and dig up a grave to obtain the skull.


Give the skull to Malignius in fairy tale 1 osrs and he’ll tell you that the queen has fallen sick due to a dreadful creature known as Tanglefoot. He will then tell you about a sacred enchanted Secateurs that can be used to defeat the beast. A pair of Secateurs, along with the other three items needs to be taken over to the Nature Grotto. The three items are completely random, so depending on what you get, you can check the quest journal and find the information on how to obtain them.
Now, go to the Nature Grotto for this fairytale 1 osrs guide, which is located in the Mort Myre Swamp, and speak to the Nature Spirit with the items in your inventory. Make sure that you have your Ghost Speak Amulet equipped. Once the Secateurs has been blessed, head back to the city of Zanaris and prepare for the final battle.


Once you’re ready in this fairytale 1 osrs guide, head south of the wheat fields to locate the Cosmic Altar. When you look at the wall to the west from where you stand, you will notice a gap. Squeeze through it, head down the path and equip your Magic Secateurs to defeat Tanglefoot. However, make sure that you don’t approach the boss if you’re a low-level player because you need at least level 30 Strength and Farming, combined, to deal a good amount of damage on it. You may also have to deal with baby Tanglefoot during the battle, who are level 45 and they can get annoying. Finally, once you have defeated it just head back to the Fairy Godfather and speak to him to complete the quest.