When thinking of cultures, one usually thinks of different races, places or specific customs. What if there was more to culture then that? There is a subculture within every culture that has millions different races, genders and creeds interacting together. I am of course speaking of Gaming. No matter where on Earth you go, you will find some sort of gaming. Wether it be board games or MMORPG’s, gaming is everywhere and generates millions, of dollars for companies annually.
Board Games and the theory of coming together.
One of the main theories behind board games is to win and have fun. There is a much lesser known theory, and that is the theory of many people coming together to play an enjoyable game, They put aside their frustrating days and play a game with friends or family. Games like Monopoly and Risk are fun and, while they enhance skills such as reasoning, diplomacy and math, they also enhance other bonds. While playing a game, bonds of trust and friendship or love are formed.

MMORPG’s and the players themselves
Massively multiplayer online roleplaying games are a major hit right now, especially with the older teens and younger adults. They form bonds of friendship between different people of different races, who otherwise, might not be friends or even polite in the real world. MMORPG’s allow people to escape reality and take on the persona of a different person. Within the game, perhaps an Islamic person could be friends with a christian or jew. Or perhaps even a Christian could be friends with a Satanist. The culture that can be found online is huge, if you know where and how to look.

Professional Game developers and testers.
There are people who love gaming so much, they do it for a living. Perhaps they are game developers or testers. These people dedicate their time, finances and lives to enjoying gaming and helping the gaming subculture thrive. Everyday, they go to work with the mindset to better the gaming industry in some small way, and they do wether they realize it or not.

Professional Gamers and their equipment.
Professional gamers spend tens of thousands of dollars on special computers that run freon cooling systems and other special software. They compete in special tournaments and competitions where gamers all over the world compete for prizes ranging from cash prizes, to a new car. Professional gamers are like the high rollers of the Gaming industry. They have no qualms about spending $20,000 on the newest top of the line computer gaming system. This is all for bragging rights. They get sponsors and those sponsors get great publicity if their equipment wins the competition.

Wether it’s board games or MMORPG’s, this is truly worth millions in more ways then one. Perhaps the world as a whole could learn something from this unique and thriving bit of subculture.