Unity Super Report #10.9978.986: Dargus Fox
Birth Name: Dargus Fox
Date of Birth: 06/20/1988
Place of Origin: London, England
Occupation: None (but suspected criminal)
Estimated Power Levels:
Strength: 4
Intellect: 2
Speed: 4
Defense: 4
Versatility: 4
Popularity: 06%

Powers: Dargus Fox is what is commonly referred to as a “Luna”, a Super of relatively little power. The only abilities he has thus far displayed is a certain degree of enhanced strength, durability and the ability to project bolts of electricity of relatively low intensity. It should be noted that these obeservations are purely based on a few eye-witness reports. Dargus Fox has never approached a Unity facility for treatment so no detailed report can be made of his capabilites. There is an unsubstantited rumour of mechanical empathy, (he is said to summon unoccupied cars when he needs a ride somewhere), but as it its credited to one witness with an extensive criminal background it cannot not be taken to seriously.

Background: Dargus is one of hundreds low level Supers who wander into trouble due to a lack of personal ambition and/or lack of any moral code. A perpetual slacker, Dargus Fox has done little but frequent the nightspots of England and Europe for the last three years since his powers manifested themselves. For capital, he has been known to participate in the occasional crime on behalf of various shadowy underworld figures, although thus far he has refused any offers of permanent employment by them. To his dubious credit, Fox has rarely engaged in any criminal activities more extreme than larceny and the occasional act of drunken vandalism.

He seems something of a follower by a nature, and unwilling to take responsibilty for anything other than his own immediate welfare. He could have easily become an important figure in the criminal underworld, but had never shown any inclination towards doing so. He seems content to just do enough to pay for whatever low rent dump he is currently living in and the copious ammounts of foodstuff he needs to maintain his power levels. His only passtime of note, (aside from drinking, bar fights and the pursuit of the opposite sex), is the copious ammounts of grafiti he leaves on the buildings of any neighborhood he inhabits for more than a few days. This grafiti is skillfully applied, but is rarely of any artistic merit higher than graphic proclamations of the artists prowesss as a lover, fighter, and general bad ass.

Dargus Fox is of particular interest to Unity due to the fact that he has been known to socialize with various Superiox members. While not directly a member of the Superiox, (at least not publicly), and while he has never participated in any acts of Superiox terrorism, it is possible that Fox has some knowledge of Superiox activities and thus he is currently sought after by Unity officials for questioning.